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REVIVE-A-DECK serves Coweta, Fayette, South Fulton, Douglas, and Carroll Counties. We clean and treat wood structures with superior products and processes to make them look new again and extend the life of their wood.






Our Objectives:  To use the best equipment, highest quality products, quality trained technicians, and professional management to:

1.  Make every wood structure that we treat beautiful and a source of pride for the homeowner.

2.  Extend the life of wood in these structures to avoid future repairs and/or replacements.

3.  Make every one of our customers happy with our products and performance.

Our Wood Penetrating Treatment:

  • Penetrates deep into wood fibers unlike surface oriented sealers and stains  

  • Makes old stained, weathered, and mildewed wood look new again

  • Protects new wood from weathering and mildew; maintains its new look

  • Greatly extends the life of wood on all outdoor structures

  • Enhances and protects the Homeowner's investment


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